BK21 CKLS-Global Culture-based Korean Language and Literature in the Era of Globalization Education and Research Center

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Culture-based Language and Literature
Korean Language and Literature of a New Era

Professor Jeong Woolak
The Head, BK21 CKLS-Global
Department of Korean Language and Literature
Kyungpook National University

Professor Jeong Woolak

Dear colleagues!

We are, at this moment, living in the age of globalization.
Due to the advancement of transportation and communication, the scale of our life is much more surpassing the scale of the nation, and cultural openness is rapidly taking place according to the idea of neo-liberalization. As globalization spreads like this, regional problems also emerge. Apparently, it may seem contradictory, but this is perfectly a natural phenomenon. It is because, as globalization progresses, the national and ethnic issues will inevitably be highlighted anew.

Considering that globalism and nationalism are in a competitive relationship, it is perfectly reasonable that the Korean language and literature status should be established in the relationship between these two. Our Department’s Education and Research Center’s agenda, ‘Culture-based Regional Language and Literature in the era of Globalization,’is designed with this in mind. This is because it is the result of paying particular attention to the cultural capabilities of the Korean language and literature while simultaneously considering the global universality of language and literature and the regional specificity of our lives.

Our education and research center aims to foster creative talents in culture-based Korean language and literature with expertise in both theory and practice under the banner of “Student Success-Hope Korean Language and Literature.”We are determined to maximize the practical values of the Korean language and literature by improving research capabilities as active learning with the general public.

We believe that this action will be an essential momentum that will grant a new hope to the Korean language and literature. We look forward to your active interest and participation.

Thank you.

Vision and Goals of CKLS-Global

Vision and Goals of CKLS-Global

BK21 CKLS-Global Education and Research Plan

Establish a World-class education Curriculum

  • Implement a world-class curriculum through the improvement of the graduate-school education system and curriculum
  • Operate a Common-Basic-Advanced/Convergence’ step-by-step education courses for Korean language and literature education
  • Expand multidisciplinary education of university headquarter and establish convergence courses with other universities and departments
  • Secure career diversity through the two-track education curriculum operating system

Strengthen the Education and Research System of Collaboration and Convergence

  • Secure global leading research competitiveness by strengthening the collaborative convergence education and research system
  • Reinforce the multidisciplinary education and research capabilities in connection with the university headquarters Convergence Education Support Center
  • Reinforce the collaboration between research groups by participating professors and the establishment of the cooperative system
  • Promote international joint education and research program in connection with the universality headquarter International Collaborative Research Center
  • Proceed collaborations on research and education exchanges with world-renowned universities

Fulfillment of Student’s Success and Hope - Korean Language and Literature

  • Improve the people-centered education and research environment of university headquarter, and establish the infrastructure for innovative education and research outcome
  • Establish education courses that provide career diversity and implement inter-connected undergraduate-graduate majors in Culture-based Language and Literature
  • Establish and operate graduate student-centered non-curricular programs
  • Implement ‘GTA Tutoring system’ and interactive mentoring system for domestic and foreign students to improve the research capacity and quality
  • Improve the system to protect the human rights of graduate students and implement regular human rights protection education
  • Establish the student-centered academic management system

Secure and Support the Excellent Graduate Students

  • Utilize various scholarship program of the university headquarter
  • Establish a research environment and build a good education infrastructure
  • Support for participation in the domestic and foreign academic conferences and training programs
  • Establish department’s scholarship system‘Graduate Student Research Promotion Fund,’ etc.

Academic Research System
and Structure of BK21 CKLS-Global

Academic Research System and Structure of BK21 CKLS-Global

Supports and Responsibilities of BK21 Participant Students

Financial Research Grant for BK21 CKLS-Global Participant Graduate Students

  • Scholarship benefits for BK21 participating graduate students 700,000 Won per month for Master, 1.3 Million won per month for Doctoral program, and 1 million per month after Doctoral course work completion [If selected for the BK21 Research Scholarship]
  • Implementation of linked courses for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral program
  • Provide a good environment for research and education
    (Provide various special lectures, conferences, BK Research Group Study, Non-curricular Programs, etc.)
  • Financial support for participation in domestic and foreign academic conferences
  • Financial support for Overseas long/short-term research and training program
  • Operate academic thesis intensive training and support program
  • Operate employment information system and support for industry-linked internship
  • Implement (Research proposal Contest), (Excellent Research Paper Award)
  • Provide incentives based on research and education performance
  • Operate a two-way mentoring system for domestic and foreign graduate students

Responsibilities of BK21 Participating Graduate Students

  • Dedicate more than 40 hours per week to research and education
  • Achieve academic performance by publishing papers, books and participating in domestic and international academic conferences
  • Participate in various academic events and programs organized by BK21 CKLS-Global
  • Active cooperation in providing required documents to BK21 CKLS-Global office

Eligibility for BK21 Participating Graduate Students

Students must be enrolled under the guidance of a BK21 participating professor
  • - Full-time graduate students of the Department of Korean language and literature
  • - MA : within 4 Semester
  • - PhD : within 8 Semester
  • - MA and PhD Combined : within 12 Semester

Application Period

  • First Semester(as of April 1), Second Semester(as of October 1)
  • Notify on the BK21 CKLS-Global homepage in April and October

Contact us

BK21 CKLS-Global, Department of Korean Language and Literature

  • Office : 407, 408 Humanities Korea Bldg. Kyungpook National Univeristy Daehakno-80, Buk-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea
  • Phone No : 053-950-7145
  • E-mail : knuyn@daum.net
  • Homepage : http://bk21ync.org/index_eng.php